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There Might Be Another EXT4 Corruption Bug

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    Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
    Hey guy who owns phoronix:

    I red a blog post from a chinese kernel dev and he was saying you were just trolling for adhits and should stfu...

    them seem like fighting words to me
    ted ts'o isn't Chinese. He's American.


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      I'm happy for you if you format every 6 Months.


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        Originally posted by Candide View Post
        I first encountered the EXT4 bug about six weeks ago. It's actually quite severe, crashing two of my systems due to file system corruption. At first I wasn't sure what it was and thought my hard disk might be going bad, but after it happened on two separate machines, I eventually figured out that EXT4 was the culprit by trial and error
        If you could reproduce it, reporting it to the ext4 developers would have been nice. If you run away and just install something else, the bug will quite possibly never get fixed. It's quite unlikely to have been the bug I encountered (given what an unlikely concatenation of circumstances you need to reproduce that), and since the 'bug' just reported was not a bug at all it might be something else.

        (I do wonder what Michael will yell about next. Perhaps he'll complain about the harmless dtime reset messages fsck gives you if you uncleanly unmount after doing an unlink()-and-close()? Hint, fsck saying it fixed something and proceeding happily after an unclean shutdown does *not* necessarily mean something is wrong. Start to worry only if you get a fsck exit with errorcode not ORed with 4 -- i.e., a 'human intervention required' fsck -- or if you get a clean filesystem followed by ext4 assertion failure messages or -EIOs at runtime. Actual crashes suggest substantial corruption, which is definitely problematic.)