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Mono 3.0 Released With A Ton Of Improvements

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    Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
    Microsoft is the cancer and Mono is the lymphatic system through which the cancer will metastise in linux. And Miguel is the immunosuppresant hired by Microsoft to weaken the organism so we don't fight back. He even said he switched to Apple cause he doesn't like linux desktop.
    You sound so medical, it looks like you have a medical degree.
    Letting joke aside, you are not forced to use any of Miguel's "drugs" to solve your problems, yet a lot of software depends on a good platform. They depend on free-opensource implementations on Linux, as is also Java. If Mono hurts your userspace (hopefully this is your point, as Mono is not a part of the kernel), may be kind enough to say how it does it to you? How free software blocks you to be creative, and you don't criticize at all binary blobs (which are encrypted solutions of your drivers) in Linux kernel, or Fluendo MP3 codecs, or Flash, or NVidia/AMD proprietary drivers? or H264 codecs?
    You are quiet at all those things that people use or used to use in Linux, and no one cared of free Theora codecs, as far as I'm aware.
    This makes me think you are not only with no common sense, but you make your claims baseless. Shall be removed also Typescript from working on NodeJS on Linux? Is also from Microsoft and is ECMA. Maybe we shall remove USB in future as the specification was made by Intel but was also defined with Microsoft employees and C++ as (as I've told in other posts) the main guy in the C++11 is an Microsoft employee. He stated even that he would want a GC into C++ in a public talk.


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      Originally posted by n3wu53r View Post
      You can't blame him. Desktop Linux has been quite an awful mess. In recent years it has gotten better yes, and for an experienced user with time to set things up and configure them, it is fine. But if you don't have the time to configure things, and want an easy desktop that "just works", plays games, and runs the apps you need, OSX or Windows are often the better choice. I use desktop Linux, but anything but Ubuntu/Mint take too much time to set up. Hardware support is also an issue and so is running certain software. I often just use windows to avoid dealing with it.
      Everything is relative. If Linux desktop is a "mess", than anything else is the remnants of a nuclear disaster. It says he switched to APPLE. If you've every actually tried to USE apple, you'd know that "mess" isn't NEARLY strong enough a word to describe THAT CRAP.


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        Solution to mono 3:

        # yum remove *mono*


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          Originally posted by droidhacker View Post
          Solution to mono 3:

          # yum remove *mono*
          Thank you for your trollish comment. Maybe you mean you want to remove Mono-chromatic fonts as Fedora and RHEL doesn't include any of Mono by default. It has to be compiled from source or added as a package. And if you added it from source, as you may want to have Mono 3.0, it simply means that your Yum command will not remove it, as is not a part of repositories.


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            Originally posted by pingufunkybeat View Post
            Can't blame him?

            He started the GNOME project, FFS. And he started it so he can kill off KDE, and started a rift which continues until today.

            Can't blame him? Then who can you blame?
            This revisionism is tiresome.


            KDE was only possible on top of non-Free libraries, i.e. Qt.

            GNOME was started because the alternative was to make the Linux desktop entirely dependent upon proprietary software. Why do you think that would have been a desirable scenario?