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Benchmarking The Ubuntu "Low-Jitter" Linux Kernel

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    @Paradox Uncreated

    Which of your games runs with 60 fps and has got "jitter" on your systems?


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      Originally posted by Kano View Post
      @Paradox Uncreated

      Which of your games runs with 60 fps and has got "jitter" on your systems?
      afterfall insanity...
      giant citizen kabuto and many other games from 2005 to 2012. [of cource under windows]


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        Wow, how about some games that run with linux like dhewm3, doom 3 bfg (wine), rage (wine)?


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          enemy territory


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            LOL... and yet i never said a god damn thing about sunnism or any of that other non-sense...nor did i associate you with it. it's funny how you jump to the conclusion that i did though ~ in the future you might want to stop for a second or two and actually put on your critical thinking hat before you speak, since that has pretty much zero relevance to anything anyway.

            ...okay Genius, so you claim no one has a clue on anything except (unsurprisingly) you. You know what happens when you make your changes to fair.c (ridding the 10ms averager bit) when using VMware??? I do. The system will halt badly / unresponsive when suspending VMs for a period of time - without touching that code, the problem does not exist at all. (on 2 systems much higher specs than your core2duo - ie: i7 and Phenom II x4). <sarcasm>but I guess that averager is pointless - since people don't actually use multitasking with many demanding applications on modern computers (ie: not C64/amiga days). Really all we should care about is getting an extra 2 FPS in Doom3 - because doom3 is such an important part of computing. it's really all thaty matters</sarcasm> LOL.

            and again, you already said RT was pretty much deprecated in your mind because your 3.5.4-low jitter kernel, yet here a week or so later you now are basing your LJ kernel around it - with all of your superior knowledge to everyone else, why would you do such contradictory things. it just comes across as (you) not really knowing what you are doing. 2ndly, as far as i know, you cannot compile CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT_FULL=y without threadedirqs, but feel free to post a citation/link where people are doing that.... 3rdly, i have doubts in your superior knowledge claims, when just looking at your rt-linux-user-list posts it's pretty obvious you are asking for help with some pretty silly mistakes (like the rootdevice thing).... and really, you act like your a kernel developer (who THINKS he knows better than anyone else), yet you don't even know how to collect logging information?? wtf?

            but do feel free to actually make counter arguments (if you are able to do that), so far it just seems like you revert to childish remarks that are nothing more than religious fanaticism or just total rubbish, when asked about things or confronted. You should also be posting metrics you go with your numbers, you've been asked by people here, LKML (where you admitted that all your tweaks we based on nothing more than your own subjective observations). Subjectivity doesn't sit well, for very obvious reasons. You should also be posting your sources so we can run a diff on them to see what you've actually done to 3.5.4 or 3.6.2/3-rt ...

            Originally posted by Paradox Uncreated View Post

            “every millisecond lost results in $100m per annum in lost opportunity”.

            NO NO NO Ninez only wants COTTAGING..
            So far you kernel does NOT perform for my applications nearly as well as RT. You were the one whom said RT wasn't needed, yet it is RT linux which often powers such markets, not your 'slightly' modified 3.5.4 kernel; https://webcache.googleusercontent.c...pell=1&ct=clnk

            You argue the throughput thing, yet i've heard RT-developers discuss this very subject, Intel covers it in their paper on RT linux / threaded IRQs; https://webcache.googleusercontent.c...pell=1&ct=clnk ... and their are other such resources say similar things such as; they all say the same thing - there can be a performance penalty with RT. As VersaLogic points out " "Real-time deals with guarantees, not with raw speed." However, a quality RTOS will still deliver decent overall throughput (performance) but can sacrifice throughput for being deterministic (or predictable). In fact, many benchmarking studies on the performance of a real-time kernel against a standard kernel have found that overall performance does not decrease significantly"...

            You can claim you are god and/or rationalize/use him to support everything you do as perfection, go on about cottaging, etc but it's all just garbage and non-sense. I think michael posted that article for a laugh, as well.

            maybe you should actually post a diff once you figure out how to make 3.6.3-rt boot correctly, lol.
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              Originally posted by Paradox Uncreated View Post
              And yeah, about disk i/o, I just had opera read a ton of mail, while watching low-jitter video in another window. So much for that "disk i/o".

              Clueless idiots.
              Lets see: Mail is somewhere on the internet, so no disk I/O there. Video is typically buffered ahead of time when first loaded, so no disk I/O there either.


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                Originally posted by Paradox Uncreated View Post
                ninez: Cry and take dick up your ass I guess. THE COTTAGING AWAITS.
                I'm not crying about anything, you ARE acting like a baby though. This is the absolute best rebuttal you can come up with?? You are both unwilling and UNABLE to provide data/links/citations to support your claims - so i am forced to call "bullshit!" - because that is exactly what it is. you are just full of shit. it's PAINFULLY obvious that you don't really know what you are talking about in many cases.

                as far as cottaging, you are the one who constantly talks about gays, cottaging, etc. The fact that you seem to discuss it so much kinda makes you sound like you are attracted to men. just saying.... Those of us whom are comfortable in our own shoes (hell, even happily married with 2 kids) are not distressed by your childish homophobic comments.

                I also have my doubts that you should be concerned with other people's sexuality, when I'm pretty sure they made a movie about you called "40 year old Virgin". I can't imagine any woman finding you all that attractive (especially not with that attitude or lack of personal hygiene we discussed before... did you wash your clothes yet? how about washing your hair or brushing your teeth?).

                Originally posted by Paradox Uncreated View Post
                ninez "wtf" :

                I actually drew that when someone else was raging when I turned off windows services. I achieved 5uS DPC latency, 1ms audio streams in windows then. The whole system was snappier. There is obviously some lonely loosers out there, who I never see IRL, because there everybody wants this, who are raging, and mentally fucked.
                WOW. what an amazing drawing - you draw as well as you support your claims. (not well at all). Tuning Windows is nothing new. Disabling services isn't some elite-special knowledge - in fact it is COMMON knowledge. So what you are going on about is laughable.

                Originally posted by Paradox Uncreated View Post
                So the pattern should be established without doubt, a long time ago, and I am ignoring these apes. No argument or anything is going to change that. They will ofcourse babble on, and try without any morality to make it seem different. Because low-jitter.. is just not acceptable. In other words, they are crazy.
                The only pattern you have established is that you don't think critically, that you (almost) always reply with some religious non-sense (non-sense in terms of having nothing to do with the discussion) and that you (apparently) think system analysis is based on subjectivity (which it obviously is not). Lastly, you seem to be under the impression that your fallacious arguments have value, which they do not. Who said anything about being against low-jitter? - I didn't. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

                Originally posted by Paradox Uncreated View Post
                Btw, are you GAY ninez? Because an overwhelming amount of those who disagree with me are gay. And that usually comes out pretty far in the discussion. So they criticise something I am doing, and then it is really about that I don`t believe in gay.
                You've excluded the (obvious) possibility (actually, no - fact!) that you just call anyone gay whom disagrees with you.

                Peace be with
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                  Originally posted by Paradox Uncreated View Post
                  Dude it`s no jitter here, and my HD isn`t making noises from loading LKML mails, and nothing is true here. LOL I am not experiencing higher performance. NO NO NO Destroy those thoughts, only feeble idiocy exists and that is what you should put forward.

                  the important thing here is to be able to demonstrate across the variety of H/W + S/W conditions that what you have done is indeed 'reliable' and of benefit, if not entirely, at least in the majority of cases. (and that's not even including other issues such as providing diffs/patches/change-lists/etc which are important for a variety of reasons - and no, scattered blogs is not good enough). I have very little jitter here (3.4.12-rt20 <- stable not ext4 bug), and my HDDs doesn't make additional noise opening emails (LOL!), what is your point? it still doesn't change the fact that it is anecdotal (at best) and based entirely on subjectivity.... your kernel very well might improve things on your end - after all, you've been hacking away, trying a variety of sources with a variety of tweaks i'm sure - with keeping what 'work' (in terms of an improvement) and throwing away things/ideas that don't - you are bound to make some head way (logic would dictate anyway). But that doesn't mean it works in all cases or is necessarily as good as you tout it to be

                  Originally posted by Paradox Uncreated View Post
                  Btw, can you not answer the question ninez? Are you confused? ARE YOU GAY?
                  Are YOU confused? being as i have not only answered that question in this thread, but also in another. Yes, straight, married with 2 kids (young). But laughably, this just goes back to what i said before that you seem to talk about gays, cottaging, etc CONSTANTLY - which means by necessity -> you are thinking about it even more than when you mention it. judging by how much you post about it, i'm guessing you think about gay sex about 2 hours a day (at least), which means;

                  2 hours a day X 365 days a year = 730 hours a year

                  or simply put, over an ENTIRE month in one year that you are obsessing over homosexuality/gays/cottaging. <- that's a lot of time spent of a heterosexual man to be thinking about guys having sex, would you not agree???

                  ....maybe you should be standing in front of the mirror and sincerely asking yourself if it is normal to be so obsessed with cottaging.


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                    Originally posted by Paradox Uncreated View Post
                    Ninez is obviously gay. He doesn`t realize all is already explained. Someday halflings like these will be run outta town. In the mean time, such mental flatulence will not keep me from celebrating God, a good computer, and my ability to perform wildly above them. Hi end audio card, low jitter PC, worlds best DSP, brilliant religious insights. What is ninez compared. Only a bitchface on the internet.
                    LOL. except that i am not gay and am happily married ~ can you say the same thing? (i'm guessing not). Second, do you consider not being able to find logging info as a measure of 'your ability to perform wildy above them'?? How about a second ago, when you post on the linux-rt-user-list and couldn't even identify that your ata controller was at fault for your kernel failing?

                    you know so much that you also couldn't even identify that there was something up with your initrd / config in your previous post. (root device). Sorry dude, but when you can't even get the basic stuff right, why would i want your crappy hacks in my kernel? (i wouldn't).

                    Originally posted by Paradox Uncreated View Post
                    You are joke, ninez. That is why I talk to you. Not to listen to your opinion. But because I laugh of you.
                    No you come here to tout how your kernel is the best for playing doom3. ~ which is a joke! Your fanatical point of view is a joke. The fact that you obsess over cottaging and spend over 30 days a year thinking about it, while at the same time hiding your attration for men behind a thin veil of islam <- hilarious! The fact you are probably a virgin trying to dictate other people's sexuality is a joke. The fact that everything comes back to homo's and Islam (on a computing site) is a laughable joke. The fact you are a dirtbag is a joke.

                    Originally posted by Paradox Uncreated View Post
                    But now I should put you on ignore. If this forum has one that is. Unfortunately many forums don`t. Because I do want my noticifations to be about something sensible, rather than ninez, and answer any of decent individual in the thread.
                    I had tons of sensible things to say and even went as far as to provide some links and citations, concering things like throughput and RT, which is something you can't also claim. You almost always jump down everyone else' throats when asking you questions, when they may disagree with you on something. You think the only sensible way to do system analysis is by subjective means and carefully listening to your HDD <- sensible my ass! You also think it is sensible to drag religion and homosexuality into many of your comments on a tech-related forum ~ how sensible is that garbage!

                    Originally posted by Paradox Uncreated View Post
                    If not unfortunately, as many I will remove myself from posting at phoronix. As decent people remove themselves from garbage, people move into cities to experience higher intellectuality, or move to another country if their own gets too ignorant.

                    That is unfortunately just how it is. So those who follow these developments, will instead need to check my blog, which I know some do, or suggest a better place for communication.
                    that would be awesome if we didn't have to constantly read about islam, homosexuality, etc around this linux forum. ie comments like this;

                    Originally posted by Paradox Uncreated View Post
                    Cottagix maybe. Where people make inane claims about logins screens, hdnoise, and "throughput". In extreme feebleness. Probably to provoke satanic sex and cottaging. What rank in life! God indeed does prefer some over others.
                    The above statement is RETARDED on so many levels, all i can do is laugh at how fucking putrid and stupid you really are... As a matter of fact, you were the one suggesting hdnoise (or lack thereof when using your kernel).

                    but yeah, you should just direct people to your blog that way we wouldn't need to see any of your stupid posts So you definitely get my vote.


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                      paradox.. stfu already... noone ofend you, and you ofend everyone...

                      and dont spam msg under another 666 times.