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Benchmarking The Ubuntu "Low-Jitter" Linux Kernel

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  • This article measured jitter in the most false way possible. Maybe this is a better approach?

    Frame latency analysis on Doom 3


    • Yes, then we have even seen numbers on low-jitter.

      Summing up:

      First of all, a kernel with "low latency desktop" enabled. You can edit Kconfig.hz and change 100 to 90. (search/replace).
      You can add idle=poll and tick_skew=1 to boot options. And compile a shaved local kernel by doing "make localmodconfig" from a full distro kernel. (Also remember to turn of high_res_timers if enabled, because then hz will be 4016 or atleast high.)

      CFS granularity should be set to 1158500nS. (Current setting is a bit high, and may give jitter)
      Renice X to -20, to prevent X being a bottleneck.
      Remove 60hz limit in doom 3, to avoid timing jitter.

      Some nvidia-specific stuff on my blog aswell :

      A lot of people think SLAB has lower jitter than SLUB etc, aswell, and some tuning with regards to what kernel options execute the least code, least background activity can be done.

      And then run your apps you want low-jitter in, reniced to -20. (doom 3, chromium-browser, wine (needs wine* + winappname*)

      Peace Be With You.
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      • Perfect.

        So as I said, I ordered a computer with components optimized for latency. An E5 workstation, which I installed a GTX660 in also. HexaCore. What can I say, I am very pleased with the results.

        Peace Be With You.
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        • Hi. Michael, are you reading this? Could you change my username to Paradox Ethereal.

          Btw, I have come a long way since this, and ultimately took a wide philosophical requantization on the linux environment.

          Philosophical requantization of a (atm) theoretical linux distribution:

          Excellent Ubuntu, is a Good Linux, with a Minimal Jitter Kernel.
          An Available Source Operating System.
          Philosophical Lead: Ywe Cærlyn (me)

          Desktop Flavour: Customized Gnome

          Finetuned for fast reponsiveness, and smoothness in operation. Configuration of Kernel, for favoring short buffers, lowest latency, minimal jitter, minimal wasted CPU, max cpu utilization.

          Perfect scaling, from desktop to supercomputing.

          Redefined Internet, with the finest philosophy, and correct attitude.

          Call 999-Excellence for a trial CD... No that we don´t have yet, but how does it sound?

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            > I really believe in this, and what makes this just perfect: Everyone
            > is their own newsservice, getting their views on for instance,
            > youtube. And gets the income from this. Which makes a finely
            > granulated internet economy.
            > A test channel:
            > Peace,
            > Ywe Cærlyn.
            With Linus Torvalds as patchmeister as usual, ofcourse.


            • I have now moved to OpenBSD, and the 3-clause BSD licence. Please also see my channel here for more about me: