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Early Benchmarks Of The Linux 3.7 Kernel

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  • Early Benchmarks Of The Linux 3.7 Kernel

    Phoronix: Early Benchmarks Of The Linux 3.7 Kernel

    While the Linux 3.7-rc1 kernel has not even been released yet, most of the feature pulls have now made their way into the mainline Linux kernel tree. Here are some of the first benchmarks of the Linux 3.7 kernel to see if anything has changed for the Intel x86_64 Linux performance with this very exciting kernel.

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    Performance wise it just shows 3.6 is better than 3.5 for 12.10.


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      Test bisecting

      I see a regression in performance in NAS Parallel Benchmark since 3.5. Can you use your Bisect&Test process to isolate what code change caused the 4% loss?

      It's only 4%, but I see other drops like this. If all these could additively benefit, it would be of great help. Could you document how?


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        3.7 seems like a major improvement!

        Unfortunately, I was unable to get a properly compiled 3.6 kernel and am still new to linux only having close to 9 months experience. I moved from a 3.2 kernel to 3.7 and observed quite an improvement! Instead of processes landing at different positions, they are more in sync! What I am referring to is boot process and at the time desktop appears. Instead of Gnome, file manager, compiz, Gnome, compiz, file manager. Six step dance I call it, now comes in 3 steps synchronized and more professional looking, hardly any slop! Desktop forms perfectly and effects are quick and harmonious when using compiz! Am severely impressed and am looking forward to the next kernel! I sincerely believe Linus has made incredible progress this year and wish him the same next year! After all, we all win on these successes as our tasks with computing become easier and more efficient. I have never seen this kind of performance in any other OS! I am very ashamed I lost so many years on Windows. Linux advances and Windows just paddles along with minimal improvement! As am gaining more experience, I hope to be compiling and using the next kernels myself! Just takes time but is well worth it!