I am still relatively new to Linux and right now I am running mint KDE very happily as is, but me being me, I really like having a lot of bling and flash that most people wouldn't really want. This has led me into looking at running multiple desktops on to of each other. The setup I have right now has a triple monitor "eyefinity" group on the desk with a fourth "aux" handling widgets and other stuff. It worked great when I used Windows, game on eyefinity, start button and whatnot on the aux screen, but it kinda sucked on Ubuntu 12.04. When I moved to mintKDE, it really worked well again in a similar fashion as to how Windows worked. My goal now is to have the gnome bar on top of the aux screen, KDE bar across the bottom, and Caro dock right above that (excessive, I know, but hey, it's my computer) with games and applications on the triple group. I know it can be done at the same time on the standard Ubuntu distro, but I haven't seen any guides specific to mint. If they exist, I haven't seen them. Pleaselet me know and post a link if you know where I can find any guides to doing this in mint. Thanks.