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Qt5's Linux Requirements Cause Problems

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  • JS987
    Originally posted by RealNC View Post
    Qt 5 is using the raster engine, so no GUI operation is actually hardware accelerated (that model of accelerating "lines" and "triangles" on 2D GUIs has been outdated for years now on most modern operating systems.) So using XCB is fine.
    Qt 4 is 6.5 times slower with raster engine than with native engine on Intel G33 graphics card

    qtperf4 -graphicssystem native
    QLineEdit - 0.022 s
    QComboBox - 0.19 s
    QComboBoxEntry - 0.183 s
    QSpinBox - 0.015 s
    QProgressBar - 0.021 s
    QPushButton - 0.016 s
    QCheckbox - 0.007 s
    QRadioButton - 0.019 s
    QTextEdit add text - 0.057 s
    QTextEdit scroll - 0.048 s
    QPainter lines - 12.95 s
    QPainter circles - 13.1 s
    QPainter text - 1.356 s
    QPainter pixmap - 0.088 s
    Total: 28.072001 s

    qtperf4 -graphicssystem raster
    QLineEdit - 0.043 s
    QComboBox - 0.336 s
    QComboBoxEntry - 0.327 s
    QSpinBox - 0.024 s
    QProgressBar - 0.04 s
    QPushButton - 0.017 s
    QCheckbox - 0.014 s
    QRadioButton - 0.035 s
    QTextEdit add text - 0.175 s
    QTextEdit scroll - 0.148 s
    QPainter lines - 86.218 s
    QPainter circles - 86.222 s
    QPainter text - 8.689 s
    QPainter pixmap - 0.867 s
    Total: 183.154999 s

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  • Alliancemd

    Originally posted by lethal View Post
    Right, so Qt5 *isn't* OpenGL based, as he says it is.
    Except for QQuick2 which I'm sure his Qt desktop environment isn't using anyway.
    It is. Qt 5 "Widgets" are not using OpenGL because they were not actually modified, a backwards compatibility decision.
    Qt 5 "QWindow" is using OpenGL. And they recommend porting your code to Qt 5 which means to switch from QWidget to QWindow.

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  • bwat47
    This is one of the dumbest articles I've ever seen on phoronix, and that's saying something.

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  • Fazer
    Michael, there are 2 vulgar words in this article. Please don't publish such rants.

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  • markg85
    I don't understand this article -_-

    It ends with:
    The reason I am soooo pissed is because I have been writing a new Qt Desktop Environment for the last 1-1/2 years and Qt devs broke it by removing the QX11 API's. And my new desktop is blazzzzzzing rubber melting FAST!!!!
    While it's complaining about XCB all the time but still ending that his new desktop is blazing fast.. So, do i just need to ignore his complaints and conclude that XCB improve performance?

    I'm just confused.. If someone would care clearing this up..?

    @ the Michael bashers..
    Please guys, show a little more respect! He's doing an awesome job with those news articles! Remember, he's doing it all alone! Oke, not every article is of good quality, but in general i'm happy with the news that he posts. So please, give him a bit more credits for the work he's doing.
    Last edited by markg85; 15 September 2012, 11:30 AM.

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  • beevvy
    This whole "article" is totally nonsense, it's simply spreading FUD. I don't see any "valid points" there. How could have Phoronix posted something like that?

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  • RealNC
    What Michael isn't realizing is that Phoronix's credibility plummets towards zero with each article he posts lately. Most people already don't consider anything reported by Phoronix as being worth reading.

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  • 0xCAFE
    Originally posted by chuckula View Post
    From the comments here, it looks like the author of this rant may not even be a legitimate developer, and the issues he's having don't even appear to be real problems. Michael: In the world of "journalism" there is this thing called fact checking and verifying sources. I know you are desparate for ad revenue from any story you can think of, but remember that people won't come back to the site if all you do is post sensationalist garbage from random Internet trolls.
    Show me one Phoronix article that isn't sensationalist garbage. There is none. So why are you complaining this time?

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  • varikonniemi
    So much headache, so many bad words, all stemming from a display server that is over 25 years old.

    Jump on the wayland train, make it the best it can be, and go for it!

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  • lethal
    Originally posted by RealNC View Post
    Qt 5 QML is OpenGL based (even on MS Windows):

    "In Qt 5, all QML applications are rendered with an OpenGL scenegraph architecture rather than the Graphics View framework used in Qt 4."

    Qt 5 widgets, however, are not using GL.
    Right, so Qt5 *isn't* OpenGL based, as he says it is.
    Except for QQuick2 which I'm sure his Qt desktop environment isn't using anyway.

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