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Why Mono Is Desirable For Linux

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  • But what is WoG?


    • Oh wait!'re a moron!!...
      you argue than c# is a java copy..has you used the latest c# version??..actually..has you used c#??...c# is a most complete language than java, java as language has been sleeping for many years and this doesn't seem a modern language anymore..c# has copied ideas from dynamic languages, from functional languages (java doesn't even has lambdas!!) and it's much more expressive and powerfull than java (as language)...

      Mono has aot compilation, better com interop with c/c++ and better heap memory manager than java...
      so..if you doesn't have any shitty idea from what are you talking about and you mention a shitty game with the worse performance ever as a demostration about how good is java for games, you're simply crazy...

      and note: anyone pay me for use c# .net or mono...I use this because I prefer over jvm...

      Originally posted by XapaJIaMnu View Post
      just because, obviously, C# is the only high level language, only C# allows small teams of people to create games.
      Oh wait! Java is a high level language!
      Oh wait! C# was created with the intention of being java cloning for windows.
      Oh wait! Minecraft was written in Java.

      As for the author of the article. "...Uses C# among other languages"
      Question: Why would you use C# if you could use anything else at all.
      (Obvious) answer. Because someone pays you to do so.


      • Originally posted by andxim View Post
        ...(java doesn't even has lambdas!!)...
        Java 8 has lambdas... finally.


        • Using MONO is as desireable as dipping Linux into napalm.


          • Originally posted by brosis View Post
            Using MONO is as desireable as dipping Linux into napalm.
            Hello brosis.

            Back I see.

            You never did give a response to being caught out lying to spread FUD against Mono. Y'know, right here