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GStreamer 1.0 To Come Before GNOME 3.6

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  • GStreamer 1.0 To Come Before GNOME 3.6

    Phoronix: GStreamer 1.0 To Come Before GNOME 3.6

    It looks like GStreamer 1.0 will be officially released in September prior to the release of GNOME 3.6...

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    I don't like the way this is hurried and handled.


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      What in particular, plonoma?

      You have to keep in mind that it was originally supposed to be released in late 2011, then spring 2012, so of course it's hurried now in the sense that it was decided on fairly short notice (though it's been discussed internally for much longer) to do it along with the GNOME release, but then nothing's been rushed really if you consider the big picture and history. Everyone's pretty much happy with how things are, both in terms of API and in terms of stability. There are always bugs, but then that's also true for the old 0.10 series. There are huge benefits to get it out soon, not least for bindings people who are mostly condemned to stick to gtk2 and other old APIs because of the gobject-transition in the GNOME world. No one is served with a 'stable' 0.10 version that no one hacks on any more and for which no releases are made any longer. Gotta move on.