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Qt Brisbane Developers Bid Farewell

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  • Qt Brisbane Developers Bid Farewell

    Phoronix: Qt Brisbane Developers Bid Farewell

    While many Qt developers are rejoicing today over the long awaited Qt 5.0 beta release, Nokia's Qt Brisbane office was officially shutdown today and many of these Qt experts are now without jobs...

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    Sad to hear you guys cant get more work locally. It was a constant push uphill trying to get Medicare/IBM to listen to reason where 'open-sauce' was concerned. Ancient corporate tactics just have no room to move these days in the ultra-streamline IT world. They certainly stood up and listened when they finally audited some employee's desktops and found all manner of 'tools' floating around getting shit done. Needless to say I jumped ship 6 months or so before they were notified of their loss of contract.

    I'll be in Auchenflower tonight selling kitchens (pays better than free IT service!). If I see a bunch of pasty white feller's stumbling around the gab's or whatever on my way back I'll be sure to join you'se for a round or 3! My trusty ol N900's still crankin and just more pleasant to use overall over this SIII.

    Tangent; The Munich Steakhouse still in Brissy? I think it used to be on Charlotte St or something.