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GStreamer Conference 2012: ALSA, OpenGL, Wayland

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  • GStreamer Conference 2012: ALSA, OpenGL, Wayland

    Phoronix: GStreamer Conference 2012: ALSA, OpenGL, Wayland

    The annual GStreamer Conference ended yesterday. Here's a summary of the Phoronix coverage from this multimedia event that also included sessions about Wayland, OpenGL/Mesa, Intel and Valve collaborating, and other interesting topics...

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    So, are we finally at the point where window managers like Kwin can finally try to implement full Wayland support? Also, I saw that some users disapproved over Weston's new .ini support, are users even supposed to use Weston? I thought it was just a project that Wayland devs had control over to demo Wayland features...

    Noticed that the main article about GStreamer 1.0 says something odd about DVDs, is the new release lacking DVD playback support? Isn't that kind of a big deal?

    Great to see Valve helping the Linux Graphic drivers, especially since people buy NVIDIA (instead of the Intel even though Intel makes open source drivers) hardware supposedly for having better support. Will Valve help with the Nouveau driver (haven't seen any articles on the subject)? Still, it seem that the conference shows a promising future for the Linux Graphics Stack!

    Also, thanks for condensing all of the info like this (while still having links to the stuff I wanted to look over again)!


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      San Diego is awesome! Just moved there are few weeeks ago.

      Michael, have you been snorkeling with sharks and then having some good beers?
      Too bad I couldnt get some time to stop by the gstreamer conference... I could teach you some German over a beer
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        Here's the official video on Wayland, Gstreamer, OpenGL etc from the conference:

        The audio/video quality is better than average for this type of events.