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Nero CD/DVD Burning Software On Linux Is Dead

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    Optical media is dead

    This isn't 1995 anymore. People don't want to pay for software.

    Oh and optical media is dead. I download shit from the Internet now, and if I want it portable, I put it on the cloud or on a USB stick.
    I don't use optical media.

    Look at the prices of Blu-ray drives, they're expensive as hell. Both DVD and Blu-ray got copy protection shit that makes you cant copy the discs.

    Won't be long until Nero will have to close down on Windows too.


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      "optical is dead" - Let's inject some hard numbers into the discussion...

      Listen, it doesn't matter what you consider "dead". Even if that was true for Bluray: If mass acceptance was the only acceptable metric, Linux would need to cease support for any other architecture than x86 and ARM and about 90% of all hardware supported by the Kernel. Also, any software that is not Office, Database, Web, Games and Media would need to be eliminated from the repository.

      Also, the suggestion that the willingness of people to pay for software died in 1995 is simply ridiculous. If that were true, why is MS still around? And raking in billions of profits? And have you looked at the money e.g. the games industry is making? It even dwarves Hollywood!

      I'm quite sure Nero is nowhere close to ceasing development for Windows. Look at how many computers are sold with optical drives - how many of those have Nero preinstalled? How many optical drives are sold bundeled with Nero?

      Here's some hard facts for you:

      Sure, DVD sales are on the decline, and downloading/streaming is growing. But calling a $8.8 billion market (total DVD+Bluray Sales in 2011, with DVD taking $6.8 and Bluray $2 billion) "dead" is just preposterous. 40 Million Bluray-Players in US-homes alone is not quite a niche market, now is it? And all this is just the silver part of the optical disc market, I'm quite sure recordable sales even dwarf this!...

      some info on that:

      "The DVD recordable technology registered sales of $5.13 billion in calendar-year 2010 - down from $6.25 billion of revenue in 2009. However, CD-R/RW media remains an important part of the recordable optical storage industry, with overall dollar sales of $502.83 million in 2010. "

      Careful with the comparisons: This is revenue, *not* units. $5.13 bn at say $0.40 apiece is a lot more than $6.8bn for say $20 apiece!...

      "Disc media sales changed by -4%, to 4.116 billion units. "

      "DVD recorder sales influenced this decline, with unit sales changing by -2%, to 144.238 million units."

      -4%/-2% = "dead"? 4.1 billion discs / 144 mill recorders = "dead"?

      Here's some more numbers on Bluray:
      "Blu-ray Disc and EST continued their steady gains with consumer spending on Blu-ray jumping 23 percent and EST up 17 percent compared to the same period last year.

      Physical sell-through of theatrical product was up two percent for the quarter, while catalog sales on Blu-ray Disc were up 27 percent, and TV on Blu-ray sales were up 54 percent, underscoring that Blu-ray Disc is the standard for quality home entertainment."

      So you want optical to die, fine... But what you wish were true and hard reality are two quite different things, see the numbers above.

      I know you hate all the copy protection bullshit and the movie studios -again- completely ignoring Linux with the player software. So do I and pretty much everyone else!

      But: BD-R does not care for all this, and this is what we're talking about! You can author and burn a Bluray-movie completely under Linux that has *no* copy protection whatsoever and still plays nicely on any Bluray player! If we HAD a software capable of burning UDF 2.5 that is...

      UDF has nothing to do with any copy protection whatsoever. So there's exactly zero reason to boycott it by not supporting it.

      Edit:"Blu-Ray drives expensive as hell"? On what planet is this? Here, my LG BH20N burner cost me 66 Euros, read-only drives like the Lite-On iHOS104 only cost 43 Euros...
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        I dont see the critical point when you can not buy nero linux. you can always use other apps, wine is no problem usually... the world is not going down when you use wine+imgburn.


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          Hi! It's not too much of a disappointment. Personally, I never even had a need to buy and install any Nero software for Linux with the open-source software that's freely available serving for all burning needs. Moreover, I also heard that Nero has now confirmed they don't sell any Linux software any longer.


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            I notice that you can purchase Nero for Linux on their website. I think this probably an old version, but I think that will be nice if they will make a new version for Linux.