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Nero CD/DVD Burning Software On Linux Is Dead

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    What a bummer , currently nero linux 4 is the only burning app on linux that i am aware of that can burn data blu-rays, brasero cant and k3b any attempt at making data blu-ray disc results in burning errors/failure. Its been a bug in k3b for a while , only nero linux gives successful burns.


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      Since I started PXE/TFTP booting ISOs, I rarely burn CD/DVD media.

      Windows can be be installed the same way but it takes more effort.

      BIOS updates can be performed from within the BIOS itself on modern systems but I can load them onto a loopback-mounted FreeDOS image and boot it over PXE/TFTP also.


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        And nothing of value was lost!

        That Nero comes pre-installed with many computers, and the first thing I do is install shit like Nero and other bundled crap.

        One less proprietary software on Linux, yay!

        I am glad that Nero is leaving Linux, we already have great CD/DVD burning software, we don't need yet another one, especially not a proprietary one.

        Good bye, you wont be missed!


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          Heh, I'm with jacob, I had no idea it even existed for Linux, which again may highlight why it makes little financial sense to offer a commercial cd/dvd burning application when there are already free alternatives doing a perfectly good job of it. That said I don't have a Bluray burner so I don't know if that's where Nero shines but I've never felt like I've missed anything from Nero when using the free foss alternatives.

          Also, like others have said I find that my needs for burning onto optical media has gone down considerably these days, apart from periodically backing up my personal data I barely use that functionality anymore.


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            Anyone saying K3b is not good must have some serious issues. This said, I am aware that Nero Linux is more "professional" for some features than any other open source software out there (typical behaviour of proprietary softwre vs oss). This said, 99% of users out there don't need these "special" features.... and so it's normal Nero decided to abandon Linux.

            Anyways, anyone needing Blu Ray support for linux can use xorriso (cli only) that supports anything out there. written mainly from Thomas Schmitt.

            Xorriso is the solution to all linux burning requirements.


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              Originally posted by boltronics View Post
              I recall using X-CD-Roast for the longest time. I think at some point I switched to k3b, and Brasero as of late. Now that I'm an XFCE user, I might give Xfburn a look... however I rarely burn discs these days.

              I've never used Nero for GNU/Linux, and don't think I've ever had the desire to do so.
              I remember XCDRoast as well..was quite a decent burning app for its time and have used it until around 2001 or so with very very few problems.

              If people are having problems burning blu-rays in k3b or brasero, report the bugs so that they'd get fixed
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                I see XCDRoast is still around...last update was in September 2008


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                  Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
                  Yea, writing to optical media is something I don't do often (I don't even recall what was the last time I did it). USB drives are a much better investment, because if you no longer need something that you wrote to a disc, you can only throw it away (unless it's a CD/DVD-RW, in which case you need to do it after 3 times or so). And even without that, they keep failing constantly. So the only time I write anything to a disc is for semi-long term storage of something that takes a lot of space but is not very important. Old archives, for instance.
                  Have to disagree with that - I have been using and reusing the same CD-RWs for five years with no faults. Not for anything important mind you, but I have.


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                    I cannot believe what I am reading here...

                    1) How can *anyone* be happy that some software is *not* available for Linux anymore? Even if there were viable OSS alternatives available (which there aren't - but we'll get to that in a second!) - how can LESS choice be anything good?

                    2) K3B, Brasero etc suck, they only serve the most basic burning needs of today's user - on ancient media. They all rely on udftools/mkudffs, which hasn't been updated FOR YEARS and which STILL does not support UDF2.5 - a standard required for Bluray or AVCHD that was specified in 2003 (that's 10 (ten!) years ago next year!). I filed bug reports, i wrote to several developers - nobody cares! Well, the 70 people that meanwhile voted for my bug report do, but that does not mean this bug is even close to being adressed!


                    Yes - Linux does not support creating filesystems in an open standard that's 10 years old! And it can NOT make use of hardware (e.g. BD burners) the way it's supposed to! This is a serious shortcoming and has pissed me off for years...

                    3) IMGburn via WINE? Seriously? People are happy that Nero isn't available anymore and AT THE SAME TIME recommend running Windows-Software via WINE as a viable alternative? Why? Just because it's free and Nero isn't? Come on! You prefer running free Windows software in WINE over paying for true native Linux software? How cheap is that?

                    4) "That's being worked on" - Oh really? Where? I cannot see anything but lies, lies and more lies ("K3B supports Bluray-Burning" - No, you support burning arbitrary files onto a BD-R, you can NOT burn Blurays!)

                    5) xorriso as a solution to overcome the Bluray/AVCHD problem of OSS software? A tool that does not support UDF *at all*? wtf? "it supports anything out there" - yeah, anthing ISO, definately NOT UDF!

                    6) Nero 4 Linux could do UDF2.5, it was the *only* viable Linux-solution to burn BDs and AVCHDs... And now it's gone, well done, lads!... And it was a mighty fine burning program, too, always worked no matter what distro I tried it with - Like someone said: This is the good usable Nero people remember fondly from Windows, before it all went downhill...


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                      Originally posted by DeeKay View Post
                      And now it's gone, well done, lads!...
                      Are you retarded? The reason it's gone is because not enough people thought it was worth buying, should we buy this just because you think it's great? Fucking moron.