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Entangle: Controlling Your DSLR Camera From Linux

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  • Entangle: Controlling Your DSLR Camera From Linux

    Phoronix: Entangle: Controlling Your DSLR Camera From Linux

    Entangle is an open-source program that allows for "tethered shooting" from Linux with digital SLR camera. A major update to Entangle last weekend introduces new features...

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    Very nice! IIRC this was also possible to do with Digikam, but it didn't work very well with my Canon camera at that time. Just for the record, the official software bundled with the camera that (obviously) was windows only also didn't work


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      I am in the same boat as you. I will make sure my next camera is supported as I would really like to use it for time laps shots.


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        looks very useful.

        A few years ago I was taking photobooth style pics at a party and wanted the pictures to go straight up on a screen. (camera controlled from the camera, but tethered over usb). had to write a custom script using gphoto, to pull the pictures over the usb as they were taken, then resize them with image magick, ans stick them into an html page that was displayed in epiphany (which refreshes local pages when the file is updated). it worked great, but having a pre-made solution would have been nice.