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Chrome 20 Takes Over Adobe Flash On Linux

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    Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
    Uh huh. And you wouldn't see advertisements on HTML5 videos how?
    It would be easy to block it with Adblock. Not so for Flash videos with ads.


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      Adblocking seams to work just fine inside flash videos.


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        I haven't read the entire thread but has anyone had any issues with the new PPAPI? I keep getting issues with it where videos will run faster then usual for a few seconds and sometimes the video and audio will stutter whereby they play in a loop several times before continuing as normal.


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          I can confirm this this funny looping has happened.


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            Looks like this new Flash release just not tested on Linux.


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              Who is actually managing the codebase for the PepperFlash implementation?

              I can understand that a lot of Linux users only see flash as a movie delivery system and thus not worthy of support, but Actionscript 3 is an excellent object oriented programming-language that allows for rich internet application delivery with (until recently) decent cross-platform support.

              For my company, unfortunately there is no other alternative right now, so we need Flash/Actionscript support on Linux. My question for the group is who is actually maintaining the Pepper Flash Player code base? Is the player code being supplied/maintained by Google (under some sort of non-disclosure agreement with Adobe) or is Adobe providing the code and simply using Google's API to interface with the Linux?

              While the player's code may be closed-source, at least when Adobe was maintaining it there was a sort of democratic forum in which developers could report bugs, make feature requests and interact with the flash player code developers. We also were able to get detailed release notes and product road maps. Who are we supposed to interact with now? Where are Pepper Flash's release notes? The only thing I can find is this This is hardly anything one could hang his hat on.