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Lightworks Is Almost Ready For Linux Release

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    Originally posted by droidhacker View Post
    Almost looked like a serious start... until I saw the shark thing.... Sorry, not interested in kiddy toys -- already have pitivi for that.
    lol, just lol...

    hey I found a program called maya for 3d design, but maya? that's a girlish name.. I won't use that...

    @Kivada... don't ask, just don't...

    @micket a linear editing program would be used in live broadcasting, vj-ing etc...

    and really, who can really put kdenlive in the same league as lightworks... come on, have you even tried that thing? blender vse is a really much better solution for video editing @linux this time...

    oh, and lastly @phorinix/michael, lightworks hasn't been opensourced yet and won't be for sometime since they want to get mac and linux versions out first before trying, that means splitting proprietary and non proprietary things, to open up the code... (can't find the actual announcement now)