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Wine 1.4.1 Brings A Load Of Bug-Fixes

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  • Wine 1.4.1 Brings A Load Of Bug-Fixes

    Phoronix: Wine 1.4.1 Brings A Load Of Bug-Fixes

    The first stable release update for the Wine 1.4 series is now available...

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    Who cares, Wine sucks as the development process sucks. There is no such thing as a stable Wine branch. Can have an app broken in 1.0, fixed in 1.2, broken again in 1.4. Quite simply, regressions are not addressed and keep users on a perpetual wishful treadmill.

    How to fix Wine:

    The Wine "community" (however much of a community they are) needs to not release a version of Wine that is called "stable" until every game which has previously been tested with the previous stable version comes back with test results which are as good, or better, for the new version.

    Will this ever happen though? It seems like Wine only exists to piss off users so they'll go fork over money for the paid version and hope that will be less crappy.


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      Did you log bugs for the regressions you encountered?