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When selling Linux software, does it have to be free?

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  • When selling Linux software, does it have to be free?

    I'm a Mac & Windows software developer, and am interested in porting some of my programs to Linux. But, it seems like almost all programs I come across are open source/free. I know there are some closed-source apps out there, but even though they're closed, most look to be free as well.

    The trend seems to be (from what I observed anyways) most Linux software is free, but people pay for the support - like Redhat (again, I think this is how it works). I'm looking to go the normal sales route, where I sell the actual application itself and of course some support comes with it, but that's not the main cost of the app - the program is.

    Is this "allowed" in the Linux world? Or is this taboo. Are Linux users not used to/willing to pay for software? It'd be a niche product, so it would fill a need, but again, maybe users aren't going to pay for it - and I have to look at it from a business perspective. Any insight would be great. Thanks!

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    There are some enterprise applications that are closed-source and have you to purchase the application as well as some games like those from id Software, Epic Games, and LGP Publishing though a vast majority of the Linux software is free software.
    Michael Larabel


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      Unless your software is stellar, no one is going to buy it. But then if it's good enough, someone will eventually make a free version of it.

      Your only hope is with quality games. Tough luck, no?


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        Xipeos, I've heard that Nero LINUX is selling not too bad.

        #edit: Oh, and there's KDE. Gnome users, forgive me