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how to connect host os and guest os using kvm

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  • how to connect host os and guest os using kvm

    hi all

    first with amd hardward virtualization support i wanted to run windows XP on host fedora 7 using KVM.

    i got ideas for creating a virtual machine through phoronix. thanks a lot.

    now i need some more help.

    i would like to know how to connect windows guest os with the linux host os.

    am just trying to get ideas from different sources but not successful till now.

    if anybody of you who have networked your host and guest using qemu-KVM kindly let me know.

    thanks for the ideas and help again.

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    The only way I could access some data on my host system was using samba on the host and accessing these folders via network in the VM. To have samba work you will have to use the switch -smb when starting the VM (I did not use any of those grafical tools, just the plain commandline). But be prepared that the speed is *slow* when exchanging files this way...