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Deleted folder in "media"? What do I do?

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  • Deleted folder in "media"? What do I do?

    i was moving a desktop icon around and then was deleting another but the focus went to "ACER" in my mounted media folder (or the media folder itself) and i deleted it!

    there was a brief message but i hit return because i thought it was the desktop icon i was removing

    now there isnt a media folder anymore and when i use the ntfs config tool "ACER" is apparently 0% of 85gig

    has this formatted that partition? (i dont think it can) and is it safe to boot into windows now or not?

    i needed to go into windows now but didnt want to incase i have to undo something in linux

    its fedora7 im using


    ("ACER" was another partition on the internal HDD)

    it was in trash and i moved it back, folders still seem to be there but is it still safe to reboot?
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