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RPM 4.10 Release Supports The Tilde, 7-Zip

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    Originally posted by 89c51 View Post
    No not only games. Matlab for example which is quite popular or CAD programs or whatever. You cant get those through repos or just download something and install in any distro you want. It might work but in many cases there are issues.
    You mean linux standard base?

    I don't want a single distro. I want something like a common core if possible. Something that guaranties interoperability. A set of libraries or tools or whatever in which the people above that layer can do whatever they want.
    I never had any problem with matlab in Linux. You usually need some a little bit old libs, but if you install them its works as it should.

    And not developing with ease of use in mind alienates the person that matters more. The user.
    I do not completely agree with the last statement.