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Help with performance hit on kernel 3.0.0-13 or -14 upgrade?

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  • Help with performance hit on kernel 3.0.0-13 or -14 upgrade?

    Well, even if it's not a support forum here, there's definitely a lot of you knowledgeable folks and maybe someone has some tip I could use.

    I run Lubuntu 11.10 on an old laptop (Dell Latitude D600 with a Pentium M @1,4 GHz) and it's right on the edge of usability. Meaning it can run very light games and it can play average quality YouTube clips in full screen. Although on the other hand it can play local media with VLC in pretty high resolutions quite well so that would be a rant on Flash and HTML 5 piss-poor performance for another time.

    A couple months ago an official kernel update (either 3.0.0-13 or 3.0.0-14, I can't tell since I upgraded from -12 straight to -14) brought the performance down in an interesting and difficult to explain way. I can confirm this by booting into the 3.0.0-12 kernel and having good-as-should-be performance. In detail, the problem is that I am getting some sort of micro-freezes (in which even the mouse freezes) e.g. when applications start up, close down or when I scroll the page of a browser. In the mentioned cases the performance loss can be noticed as many micro freezes. Also the Flash plug-in performance has dropped to half or less such as YouTube clips are now only watchable non-full-screen in the lowest quality (20 FPS?). Full-screen will play at 5-10 FPS in 320p quality and the mouse cursor won't be very responsive then. This kicks my laptop back into the stone age. Arguably from bronze age anyway.

    Unfortunately, this problem persists for me with a fresh install of Lubuntu 12.04 on the same laptop. I even bought an SSD in the meanwhile (Transcend 64 GB IDE -- I know, I know, no garbage collection or TRIM but still :P) and did this 12.04 install on the SSD instead of the old HDD. The problem persists so it didn't have anything to do with the old drive, and even worse, it's still with this newer 3.2 kernel in Lubuntu 12.04.

    Is this some famous bug that the community knows about? Disclaimer: I did search for days and days and couldn't find anything similar myself.

    P.S. I ranted about it here initially:
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