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ZFS File-System For Linux Is Still Around

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    Funny how I've usually run with PREEMPT_VOLUNTARY and even IOSCHED_DEADLINE on desktops, without noticing any lag.


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      Originally posted by linux5850 View Post
      Sorry that's what I meant. Tried it and vary bad for a desktop multitasking situation.
      Also, note that the lack of preemption support this isn't by design - it's a bug. Work is underway to fix it.


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        I have been using ZoL for quite a while now. Its a very mature project and much more stable than Btrfs. Order of magnitude difference in stability. And sequential transfer speed is close to platter. Random access speed is better than Btrfs/ext4.

        I see no reason for not using ZoL. You need kernel sources for the kernel you are running, build a set of modules & utilities (./configure && make && make install kinda) and modprobe the modules and you are in business. Many usable distros already have packages which do all this for you. I personally use Gentoo and its the easiest to get ZoL on.


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          me too

          Been using native ZFS on my mythbox+NAS for the best part of a year. I love it: SSD cache, dedup, in-filesystem compression, snapshots - a poor man's netapp!