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    Paradox Uncreated, kid, I admire your confidence, and I'd say, from the way you debate, that you are still young.
    I think that you have got this perfect world, but you have gotta understand that it only exists in your mind; of course for you it makes perfect sense, but for others it is just a childish, even contradictory world (the way you have exposed it). If you can't make yourself clear and concise, that means you are doing something wrong. So far you are so desperate that people get you, that you end up (don't take this the wrong way) making a fool. Obviously your logic, as you have exposed it, is far from superior; you express a bunch of unrelated ideas, but yet anything substantial.
    I invite you to "take one or two steps back" (it's hard to do this when you are so sure you are right), and then look at the picture again; you will be surprised how fool you can be.
    I hope you take my criticism in a good way, and sorry for my bad english.
    Be truly in peace.


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      Originally posted by Paradox Uncreated View Post
      I renamed and improved the licence.

      "This program, plugin or function is licenced under
      The Beneficient Open-Source Licence.

      That means that it?s source is released
      and shall stay available openly,
      to benefit humankind, in the path of God.
      And that shall apply to modifications,
      derivations, and branches.

      Peace Be With You."

      I ultimately plan to move my plugins to it. Read my post on how to move entire linux to it, aswell.

      Peace Be With You.
      Uwaysi (author of the licence)
      You sir are a fucking idiot.
      In the path of god? LOL!
      Wake up, reality is calling!

      We don't need any more vanity licenses, it is counter-productive to the cause of free open source software. Use an already existing established license written by lawyers that will actually stand up in court.

      License proliferation is hampering the free open source movement.


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        Originally posted by Paradox Uncreated View Post
        Sergio, seeing as incoherent as your post is, no doubt you percieve me to be incoherent. But that is in YOUR mind, not mine. Everything of my research is completely logical, and coherent. And I am not a kid, and THAT you should take as a proof of your delusion, and how your sight is failing you.

        Peace Be With You.
        And with this kind of response I make my point...
        So you actually think you are a grown up, and that your arguments are logical and coherent, but you have failed to convince yet one person in this forum, and most arguments given by people here about "open source" and the like are far more simple, logical and convincing than anything you have said.
        Time to wake up, kid.


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          Originally posted by Paradox Uncreated View Post
          Blah Blah Blah
          That's quite a necrobump.


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            Wow, it's really been 5 years.