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FreeFOAM 0.1.0 released

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  • FreeFOAM 0.1.0 released


    The developers of FreeFOAM are very pleased to announce the release of version 0.1.0. It can be downloaded from the downloads section. [...]

    FreeFOAM is a comprehensive C++ toolkit for the solution of partial differential equations in three dimensions. Its main application is in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), although it can also be used for other problems, as diverse as solid stress analysis or derivatives pricing in financial applications.

    It consists of a large set of libraries which enable the user to write new solvers using very simple code which is very reminiscent of standard mathematical notation. Further, FreeFOAM is very extensible through user-provided libraries (a.k.a plugins), such that e.g. new boundary conditions or run-time diagnostic utilities can be implemented without any changes to the FreeFOAM code itself. [...]

    FreeFOAM is a fork of OpenFOAM?. It is geared towards freeing OpenFOAM from its system dependence, enabling it to run natively on as many operating systems as possible. In contrast to OpenFOAM, FreeFOAM does not require any special shell-initialization scripts and does not depend on a huge number of environment variables in order to run. Further, it doesn?t require a case-sensitive file system as OpenFOAM does.

    To this end, the custom WMake build system used in OpenFOAM has been replaced by the excellent, cross-platform CMake, making it much easier to port FreeFOAM to new platforms.