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Text Editor with Branching History (undo/redo)

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  • Text Editor with Branching History (undo/redo)

    Simple workflow:
    undo/redo moves back/forward in history as usual,
    Edit file, undo, edit again -> new branch created,
    Edit file, undo, redo -> stay on same branch

    Does anyone know of a GTK or Qt text editor that has branching history?

    If not, do you think it would be difficult? I was thinking you should be able to use git or some other VCS, but I don't know how easy it would be to integrate into the editor. Basically each edit would be committed, browsing back would open a previous commit, and new edits on that commit would create a new branch and commit to that branch. Theoretically you could even rebase or merge with the head or another branch, too.