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Open-Source Skype Effort Is Dormant Or Dead

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    Originally posted by Hunter View Post
    Using 'xmpp' is a starting point. At present: 'Pigeon Internet Messaging (PIM)' will allow activation Skype 2.2 (Beta). Only the (Beta) application runs independently; seperate from (PIM). This (Beta) mod must have been developed at a time prior to MS purchase; the newer versions of MS Skype only accept 'grandfathered' contact lists, for the (Beta). At present: New contacts created in MS Skype are operable from the (Beta). This too may change.

    Because MSN in PIM is available; AND (Beta) as a seperate executable - It stands to reason that MSN may become inoperable, in the future. Maybe, that is the original purpose for the MS purchase of Skype? To exclude MSN from PIM like application.
    I am having some difficulty understanding you, but I think you have your timelines a bit confused. Microsoft added XMPP support for MSN a while after they purchased skype, making their MSN service more accessible to other applications like pidgin. If the goal of buying skype was to make MSN less accessible, why would add support for a protocol that would make MSN more accessible after they purchased skype? It doesn't make any sense. I am no fan of Microsoft, but I also don't think they are stupid.


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      Originally posted by Candide View Post
      I do know that there is a version of Skype for Android. I don't know if it's open-source or not, nor do I know if it was really developed for Android (perhaps it's just the Linux version). I don't have an Android phone myself, but a friend of mine does and he says that Skype works well on it.
      Yes, it's a version specific for Android. Closed source. I haven't found a need for it as most IM applications for Android (ie: QQ) have got the ability to send short voice messages mixed in with text messages and photos which I find much more convenient. You can have a conversation, or you can send short voice messages that they can listen to later. You can even cram photos and video in as well, or turn on the webcam and have a live video feed. So cool. Makes using a phone so much more convenient as you can talk to somebody without having them pick up their phone.
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        Originally posted by raindog469 View Post
        It would be unrealistic to assume all of halo9en's friends and family have Skype installed just to talk to halo9en, or that the rest of their own respective friends and family would be willing to switch. I'd love for everyone to use something more open than Facebook, too, but getting people to make a change that will isolate them from their social circle turns out to be a lot harder than just getting them to switch their OS.

        I have friends who, for reasons that are beyond me, spend dozens of hours a week skyping. For me to try to convince them to, in turn, try to convince all their contacts to switch to something else would be both futile and egotistical. Google's video chat may one day become more interoperable and have more users than Skype, but, like the GNU/Linux desktop, will forever remain the home of geeks and our non-geek parents.

        I personally use my Android phone and tablet to do video chat, on the rare occasions when I use it at all (pidgin or texting usually suits me fine). I still have Skype installed on my laptop, and will welcome a free software implementation of their protocol. Fighting the good fight doesn't matter to me if doing so prevents me from communicating with someone I love.
        They install Skype because MASS installs it. It is MASS driven. This is also what AMD references to backup claims opensource driver has low amount of developers. This is first part.

        Second part is that is should work. Ekiga windows camera on video calls does not work everywhere. Pidgin xmpp video/audio works only on linux, not with linux-windows. This are real priorities! If you say X is better, but it does not do basic things, people start using what "others do".

        You rely on "others" if you don?t know. Those who don?t know, have to believe. This is where skype marketing lands. It is same stuff as with crappy ICQ. Everyone knows it is crappy, even mailru who purchased ICQ knew it is crap. But people used it, only because other people used it.

        This MASS is driven only via Ads. So he is correct, that these are retards. You don?t have to be geek to understand that. And no, ekiga is not "home of the geeks", because Ubuntu and similar are MUCH easier to use than windows.


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          ekiga does no filetransfers and does not use encryption. so it is definitely not a full replacement.


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            Yep, with sipwitch we already have a proper server, but the encryption support in clients is very lacking.


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              Jitsi as alternative

              There is Jitsi.

              I think they also have plugin/library that handles even skype protocol, beside SIP and others.
              I heard of it on FLOSS Weekly podcast number 162: Jitsi

              I hear them using gPodder, btw: