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Linux 3.3 Kernel: Btrfs vs. EXT4

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    Originally posted by drag View Post
    Well then WTF is sandforce good for?

    JPEG images = Compressed.
    Movies/Videos/Flash = Compressed
    OpenOffice Documents = Compressed

    etc etc.

    90% of all the data that you give a shit about storing on a file system is going to be compressed.

    And Intel/You are/is telling us that we shouldn't use compression? What sort of crap is that?

    It does not make any sense. Having a drive that tries to outguess the operating system on stuff like this is a anti-feature. It's undesirable.
    Although I suspect you know this, an SSD makes most sense as an application drive. I would imagine the vast majority of that is elf and text files.
    As for why the drive should make the decision, it is the only part of the system that actually knows the exact layout of the drive, and by using asics it can greatly reduce the cpu load which would otherwise be struggling to keep up with an ssds desire for compressed files.