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PHP 5.4 Release Brings Many Changes

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  • PHP 5.4 Release Brings Many Changes

    Phoronix: PHP 5.4 Release Brings Many Changes

    PHP 5.4.0 was officially released today as a major advancement over the PHP 5.3 code-base...

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    New version of PHP? Best way to write about it is to break your PHP-based website. Love it.


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      For me the biggest PHP 5.4 feature is performance boost. I develop a large web app in symfony1 and Zend1 - when I upgrade from PHP 5.3 to PHP 5.4 I see a great - sometimes over 25% speedup in page creation times. The only thing that now I'm waiting are PHP 5.4 fixes for Zend.

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        Built-in web server features & performance

        I know that the built-in web server is only for testing and development purposes, and that it is not for production use.

        That said, I am still curious though as to what features it supports and how it performance.
        I don't expect it to perform well, since its not intended to, but it would still be fun to see some benchmarks.

        How does it work under the hood?
        Is it multi-threaded, is it asynchronous? Is it event-based? Does it use epoll()?