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DMA-BUF Is Ready To Push Forward Linux Drivers

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  • DMA-BUF Is Ready To Push Forward Linux Drivers

    Phoronix: DMA-BUF Is Ready To Push Forward Linux Drivers

    Besides the Intel chatter, Nouveau banging on OpenCL, Coreboot's less than interesting laptop, one of the other exciting meetings this past weekend in Brussels at FOSDEM was about DMA-BUF. DMA-BUF will help a range of Linux hardware drivers from embedded devices to multi-GPU desktops...

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    Hi Michael!

    Thanks for covering DMA-BUF in phoronix right from the beginning - a tremendous job in making the framework popular amongst those not directly involved in it.

    About the commeng in your last post:
    There's been no signalling by the developers they are willing to make this change.

    Well, I did reply, albeit a little late, to this with:

    My stand is quite clear, actually: I would really like all possible users to benefit from this framework. The original idea was also to be able to meet up at ELC and discuss (though unfortunately I won't be there, but there are enough people who can discuss it out) on how we can take this forward.

    Hopefully, we should have some resolution on this sooner than later.

    Best regards,