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Wine 1.3.35 Lands DIB Improvements & More

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  • Wine 1.3.35 Lands DIB Improvements & More

    Phoronix: Wine 1.3.35 Lands DIB Improvements & More

    There's a new version of Wine available for testing this weekend...

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    The wine team has made 2011 the best wine year ever! True vintage!

    Thanks and congratulations to the developers!


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      Great release. This fixed my Skyrim problem. ATI card running skyrim crashed after loading screen. Now works with this wine release.


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        I would like to see that bug fixed where warcraft 3 in multiplayer mode randomly starts eating 200% cpu for nothing. The game still runs very smooth and everything but it constantly eats 200% cpu.
        At the beginning it runs normally, eating between 50 and 100% cpu which is high but ok. I don't know why or when it happens then but it gets stuck at 200% even for doing absolutely nothing, like waiting for a game to begin.

        That's bad enaugh on a desktop but on my consumer laptop with not so good cooling
        • The fan gets extremely loud
        • The laptop gets extremely hot