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    Has anyone tried out Tangerine ( for sharing music on a network? Have you tried any other programs? I have been meaning to try out Tangerine, but am looking for feedback.
    Michael Larabel

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    I don't tried for that site.
    Why ?
    Before few days i was searching for site where i can share my music with my friends.
    I found one good site named
    It's like a music sharing community where we can share our music and also meet with people and share our thoughts about music and songs also.
    That's why i like that site vary much.

    Just Try It !!


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      I am hearing music for at least 5-8 hours every day, but I've got my files on my computer and my (rockbox-ed) iPod nano, so there's no need for it. And to be honest, I don't really know what it's for. If I want to share some tracks with my friends over the internet, I upload them to my FTP, otherwise I directly let them access them access my music folder when we're having a LAN party if they are interested in something...

      It was great fun when one of us did a live mix at my LAN party and he streamed it over the LAN so we could listen to it while playing and were able to request songs etc.
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