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What is my issue when trying to install xorg?

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  • What is my issue when trying to install xorg?

    I'm using a linux console I don't actually know if its FreeBSD or RedHatLinux, btw.

    All I know is I did wget of a page that had xorg. Yup, this one: I thought yay the docs.tar.bz2 must be it. The other files are just decoration. Alas no, was I to learn.

    Then I did tar xjf docs.tar.bz2 in the console.

    So now it's unpackaged but that doesn't mean anything. That probably just means it's what a windows user would call 'unrared'.

    So what do I do now with these folders titled xorg-docs and xorg-server that are sitting in the root folder where the bz2 'package' is.

    Perhaps that's not the way to install xorg?

    So I read the readme.html file that comes with the xorg-docs folder and it didn't say anything about installing. Zilch. It just told me to go to the xorg wiki, which also said nothing. Maybe it was hidden in some mathematical formula somewhere. Alas no.

    So I hit up google, and it came up with
    and it said to do this:

    # pkg_add -r xorg

    So I said yay, finally something easy and simple. But alas no. It says -bash: pkg_add: command not found in that lovely console.