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How to install something with YUM, or not

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  • How to install something with YUM, or not

    I'm trying to install a window manager, Xorg and VNC server on a dedi through SSH, so as to have some sort of GUI.

    I've learnt a few commands pertaining YUM

    I thought YUM was this repository I could access and that all I'd have to do is type

    yum install [name of package that comes up in the yum list command]

    but I was wrong.

    YUM only sees what things you have installed.

    How can I install something that YUM says is in 'base', not 'installed', through YUM?

    I was told by my lazy-ass support to download and install it (xorg, a window manager like xfce and vnc).

    But I downloaded it (learnt how to do wget of a webpage, I'm a genius)

    And it's in rar format.

    Now support tells me I have to unpackage (unrar) it and place it in the correct folders. I wouldn't know how to do that. That's nuts.

    Clearly support hasn't explained jack to me.

    I humbly ask you for help.

    Can I install it via a YUM command, asking YUM to fetch it and install it, being as it (xorg) in 'base'.

    If not, what do I do with a tar/rar/bz whatever file I've done wget of, how can I place it in the correct folder?