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    Originally posted by hungerfish View Post
    I really don't get all this excitement about WebGL and now WebCL. Its a totally insane, at least when viewed from a security standpoint. Allowing a website/server direct access to your gpu, be it for webgl or webcl or whatever, means giving it full read/write access over your main memory (something everybody agrees on is bad), opening the door wide open for exploits and other malicious code. There's an ongoing discussion about this, and especially Microsoft's decision not to support hw-acceleration in their browser is often seen as FUD and as an attack against there competition; I believe that they've gathered enough experience in battling ie's and window's security flaws the past decade to know when something is a bad idea on the conceptual level. I know that by writing this, I can't stop the title-wave. but I find it important to voice my concern over something that on a purely technological-level is really neat, but when brought out into the harsh reality will cause so many headaches (and maybe worse..) in the future.
    What "main memory"? EVERY app in your system do acces your main memory. I have advise for you! Unplug your PC from power source, and be safe.

    PS really, WebCL can not steall any data from not its own memory than any other app/api. And if some implementations do not check if GPU memory is owned someone who acces it, it is easily fixable.

    And NONE waries about it in case of WebGL nor WebCL.