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Safest filesystem for md RAID1?

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  • Safest filesystem for md RAID1?

    I'm building a new MythTV backend and I'm configuring it with a RAID1 of two drives so it can also be a home fileserver in addition to a plain old single disk for the recorded TV shows. Currently the disk in the old machine is xfs because the mythbuntu install set it up that way for fast delete performance; I'll use xfs on the PVR disk in the new server, but don't know whether to go for xfs or ext4 or something else on the RAID.

    Anyone know which filesystem is safest to use on a software RAID1? I don't really want to have to turn off disk write caches and while the old backend was usually up for months at a time we do occasionally get power dropouts that cause a reboot and could corrupt the filesystem.