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    [13:15:06] <codestr0m> mupuf: you can give them a link and tell them to download and try it -


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      git clone git://


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        Originally posted by PsynoKhi0 View Post
        No and/or no.
        website updated

        prnewswire - waiting on editors

        actual source availability - blame phoronix for it being leaked.. Source forthcoming, but may take a couple days.. Sorry about the binaries until then

        #pathscale on to complain and bug us


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          Originally posted by markg85 View Post
          That might not be the best thing to do. Remember, the things benchmarked stop far are computational apps and those seem to benefit a lot from it. Buy we both don't have the slightest idea how this will perform on non computational apps like for example kde, gnome, firefox, office suits.. Besides that I'm also interested in the compiled binary size

          More information is needed.
          Note, I'm guessing firefox and chrome won't compile.
          For chrome I have a personal interest in making it build. With that it still make take some time. There's two issues I know of currently
          1) QT bug in our front-end
          2) Missing gnu extensions to turn on some java script related stuff

          Binary size doesn't matter in reality as much as locality. C++ is going to see a lot of improvements this year. If we're not faster than g++ or other compilers file a bug report


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            Originally posted by zester View Post
            git clone git://
            Actually, I don't think that includes any of their proprietary components. This is just their open source fork of Open64.

            I don't know all the details, but here's my GUESS:

            1. They forked Open64
            2. They made changes to Open64 sources, and had to release those changes to comply with the GPL
            3. They made some additional changes that they deemed "mere aggregation" and were able to keep those proprietary
            4. Since the "path64" github branch has been around a while and hasn't received a commit in 2 days, it's safe to assume that it doesn't include the proprietary addons

            So, likely only the binaries are available for now.


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              Originally posted by codestr0m View Post
              If we're not faster than g++ or other compilers file a bug report
              I love you guys already .

              I switched to an SSD recently. And due to space, I no longer have my gentoo partition... I might have to reconsider this!


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                What about Fortran? Do you happen to have any recent benchmarks against gfortran and ifort? I remember seeing a few from about 2006.


                Does the HIMENO benchmark use the C or Fortran source?

                Thanks for your answers and keep up the good work! (Both of you, obviously. )


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                  Originally posted by Jake: View Post
                  Maybe I'm wrong, but according to wikipedia the PathScale compiler is a branch of Open64, a compiler released under the GPL

                  I think they are just complying with the gpl.
                  There's really too much confusion about Open64 + EKOpath. To set the facts straight.

                  EKOPath is a "fork" of SGI's Pro64 and never has imported code from Open64. Partial sources for EKOPath were previously available, but not all. Large portions of those sources were merged into Open64 as a result of previous PathScale management not supporting open source. Slowly the PathScale ship is changing direction and trying to build a real community of users/developers.


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                    Originally posted by puelapisse View Post
                    where can we find this patch please?

                    also, I understand this compiler is Intel? 64 & AMD64 performance tuned but does anybody knows if it will run on 32bit?
                    If you subscribe to path64-dev I believe you can find it in the archives. If not ping wash in #pathscale when he's online as he'll maybe be able to dig it up.


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                      Originally posted by codestr0m View Post
                      I think you've been in our IRC channel before and apologies if I'm mistaken.

                      mesa - I believe you have to turn off asm support for it to build. Not sure if that will improve or degrade performance. I suspect the latter, but could be surprised.

                      c++0x - ENZO will get it much sooner than EKOPath since we're using a different front-end.

                      QT - There's one blocking bug we're working on fixing. I expect it may take us another month or less to get that resolved.

                      If someone files a bug we'll take a look at it. Smaller test cases are generally fixed faster. (Even better would be patches now that it's going open source.)
                      yea, i was in that irc room some 8 months ago back then i asked the same for open64 or path64
                      It sucks to see c++ support lagging behind but awesome job anyway. Any eta for c++ 2011?
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