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Linux 3.0 Kernel Has Full Support For Xen

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  • Linux 3.0 Kernel Has Full Support For Xen

    Phoronix: Linux 3.0 Kernel Has Full Support For Xen

    Beyond the features of the Linux 3.0 kernel already talked about on Phoronix, there's another big milestone hit in this next kernel release beyond changing up the versioning scheme. The Linux 3.0 kernel will have full Dom0 and DomU support for Xen virtualization...

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    well, at least one good technical reason for major version jump.


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      Good news.

      Will it already be in rc2?


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        Care to explain what DomU and Dom0 is?

        A lot of these "articles" reference things never mentioned before on Phoronix

        The original blog can get away with it because it's directed to a technical audience that will know what these mean

        Would appreciate it if you would target the lowest common denominator with your explanations, even if this means link click through hell

        Also have you thought about creating a wiki that could collate these explinations, would make most of your graphics articles smaller as you wouldn't need to explain KMS, GEM, TTM and DRM each time and I'm sure many of your readers would love to keep it up to date


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          is this really good news? This is like incorporating changes to make linux run well in netbsd.



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            Originally posted by FireBurn View Post
            Care to explain what DomU and Dom0 is?
            If I remember correctly, a Xen system is not managed by interacting with the host OS, but rather by interacting with the first guest OS to be started (strictly speaking the OS running on the first VM, I guess), which has special capabilities.

            The "special" first VM and guest OS is called Dom0, while the other VMs and guest OSes are referred to as DomU. Something like that anyways...

            EDIT - the "Oracle" link in the article explains in more detail.
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              I waited this moment for years, no more forward ported patches and no more -xen kernels
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                I'm confused. DomU support has been in the mainline Linux kernel for quite some time. Dom0 support has been in the mainline since 2.6.37 and the last remaining driver was put in 2.6.39.

                What features did they add for 3.0?


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                  While partial dom0 support was incorporated in .37, some major parts (PCI-backend drivers) were not.
                  As I understand it, if all goes well, 3.0 should be the first kernel to have full Xen support, end to end.

                  Now, if only nVidia would support Xen, or better yet, PCI-pass-through in Xen, I'll be happy man!

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                    Pci-back hasn't been merged yet.