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Fedora Core 6 problem

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  • Fedora Core 6 problem

    Hi guys,
    I am totally new to linux. infact, i just finished installing fedora core 6 on my machine, the details of which i have mentioned below.
    i am havin a problem that when I boot linux it loads all the hardware and starts the networking and stuff, then it starts the first time boot configuration...i completed that too and after that started gettin a blank screen, everytime i reboot, it keeps givin me that blank screen again...i have no clue whats wrong and would be really glad if one of you could give me an explanation of whats happenin and tell me how i can resolve it step by step(as i know nothin bout linux)...

    My system configuration is
    AMD Turion TL-60 2.0 GHz
    120 Gb HDD - Windows XP installed on a 30 Gb partition, 40 Gb allocated to another NTFS partition and 30 Gb to ext3 which is the root (/) folder of linux now

    2 Gb RAM
    256 Mb NVIDIA Go7200

    Thanks for your help
    lookin forward to becomin another linux guy...