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Nokia & Microsoft Get In Bed, Qt & MeeGo Take A Back

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    Originally posted by pingufunkybeat View Post
    Let's not overreact here. Qt cannot be killed. It is GPL and LGPL, and there is a signed contract which states that if it is not to be actively developed by Trolltech, it will become BSD-licensed. There is an active community interested in keeping it alive.

    It is still a worrying development. Trolltech has provided a stable and positive development environment for Qt, which is partly responsible for how brilliant and complete it is nowadays. It would be a hard blow should it be discontinued, and it would take a while before the community picked up enough speed to match the current pace of development.
    True, Qt won't die as an open source project, but I think that Nokia did bring some "trust" to it for "ordinary" companies to use it.

    Nokia was once a truly creative company, just as Ericsson. They are both still the leaders in telecommunication when it comes to the "real hardware", but perhaps not (definitely not regarding creativity) when it comes to creating end-customer related content like phones. I should know, I worked at Sony Ericsson, developing Symbian smartphones, for 3.5 years.


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      Sad news indeed.

      There was always a chance meego would flop anyway though if nokia can sell sybian smartphones is can definitly sell meego.

      Recent nokia smart phones have sucked by current standards due to sybian and really they should have got partly in bed with somebody for a nice smartphone os long ago untill meego was ready. Getting in bed with someone when meegos almost out is just puting the bullet in it. Fact that its a microsoft deal puting the bullet in makes me wonder if microsoft offered a very very sweet deal to prevent meego becoming the default os on intel compatable netbooks and tablets.

      I'll probably still get a meego phone as it'll be the only smartphone offering what I really want.


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        Originally posted by JantarMantar View Post
        The new CEO seems to be risk averse and is content with Nokia being a just another hardware company.
        The new CEO is a MS veteran, thinks their way, and decided to benefit MS at the cost of Nokia. Nokia's stock is down 13% at the moment, and I think this is not pricing in the debacle they will suffer.

        If their goal was to be a conservative hardware shop, the decision was a no-brainer. Android. And they could have kept developing meego and make them interoperate. They should have done that a year ago. Or maybe 7 months ago, when this little mind took over Nokia

        Shame on Nokia's board, WTF were they thinking?


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          I can smell KDE taking care of Qt by forking it if Nokia throws it away.


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            I was thinking of posting something about how I feel let down by Nokia for this decision and how they ate back promises they were making until a few days ago.

            But in reality I'm so disappointed that it would just have been another rant, adding to the thousands that Nokia fans have been posting everywhere since this morning.

            So I'll only say that wrt Nokia, all I care now is to see if for once they'll keep their word and do release something running MeeGo.

            WP7 I leave to those who happen to like it.


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              Makes sence

              If Nokia is loosing Market share and Windows cant get anywhere with its mobile products with the last generations of its products, even wikipedia states it decreased 20% in Q3 2009...

              They will either sink together appealing to certain users or fanboys, or make a somewhat decent show of themselves...

              Nokia really does know how to jump the bandwagon however. Ngage, meego, symbian... I don't see their fear of Android if they play with opensource already so much.. I suppose this is something to keep them going while they play with meego and they get it ready to bash android about a bit perhaps.


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                Nokia will get what it deserves.


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                  What a pity... you're going to bankrupt Nokia... R.I.P.
                  How sad
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                    Reading up on this it does look like there was recent warning signs... analists saying nokia didnt have the weight or money to make meego a success and recommending a microsoft deal.

                    Still intel is backing meego and is getting it into cars, netbooks and tablets already and its trying to get other smart phone companys onboard so we can hope something comes out.

                    Its still such a big part of intel stratagy I dont see them giving up on it yet. What would be their plan b? Port android to intel chips?


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                      Originally posted by myxal View Post
                      Did MS just buy Nokia for $0?
                      Looks like it. Well if I worked at Nokia, I would take a closer look at Google's recently announced job offerings for Android.