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Nokia & Microsoft Get In Bed, Qt & MeeGo Take A Back

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  • Originally posted by Prescience500 View Post
    On the bright side, if the windows phones don't sell very well relative to it's predecessors, then maybe windows phones will be stuck with a lingering bad reputation as well as Microsoft hopefully out of some money from their subsidizing Nokia's windows conversion.

    I'd love to buy a MeeGo phone to support the platform. Unfortunately, the only MeeGo phone out there and most MeeGo phones likely to be developed in the near term use GSM. Unfortunately, my mobile carrier, Sprint, (as well as Verizon, the cell phone carrier with the highest US market share) uses CDMA.
    Based on first hand consumer response, I bet windows phone will sell as good or better then andriod. plus with microsoft leading the way it'll certainly be cheaper to develope for the phone manufacturers.

    A point many seems to forget, if WP7 is cheaped for carriers and manufacturers and offer more security to piracy, geuss what they are going to install in droves.

    anything that makes for a better bottom line will always have high levels of adoption.


    • Originally posted by Nevertime View Post
      looks like pridicably plan b fail miserably
      Plan B was a hoax:


      • Originally posted by yogi_berra View Post
        :P It was badly sold... seems obvious in hindsight.