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Nokia & Microsoft Get In Bed, Qt & MeeGo Take A Back

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    "Herro? Who dis?
    -"I LOOOOOOVE your company YEAH!!!!"
    "Excuse me? Who I talking to?
    -"Oh yes heeeeLLOOOO. It's Steeeeeve BAAAALLMEEEEEER. Whoohoo!"
    -"From Microsoft!"
    "Oh herro! Me crueress CEO from Nokia, yes."
    -"Oh hi there. We would like to make a strategic bla bla bla"
    "Bra bra bra"
    -"So whadaya think?"
    "Ah, me CEO. Phones sares no good. You Microsoft. Big succesfur company, so business is good!"
    -"What a great day! We allmost thought Windows Mobile was doomed because of the total not-backwards-compatible rewrite we did 'cus it sucked so bad."
    "Great day yes. Nokia arr out doing Windows Mobire 7 now from big succesfur company. Must be good. Ba-bye!"



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      Originally posted by madjr View Post
      dumb move from nokia to tie themselves to the loser platform.

      at least they could had done like samsung, which has android phones as their most popular phones ever, but also has bada phones and also release a wp7 phone too "just in case".

      Well lets see what happens, am pretty sure the new management will see that they started worse than the old management.
      samsung also does stuff with the EFL libraries (dont know if it is related to bada)

      also there was this post in the e17 mailing list by Rasterman


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        Thanks for that link! I know I'll be watching Samsung's LiMo phones very closely now.


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          100% free Android alternative

          I was a big Nokia fan until now, so after the announcement I've been looking for future alternatives.
          I came up with the GeeksPhone company, the only company that provides a 100% free (as in freedom) phone, with free drivers and rooted from factory. It's Android based.
          The specifications are heavily influenced from users in their forum.

          They are out of existences with the GeeksPhone One, but they will unveil the GeeksPhone Zero at 2011 Mobile World Congress.
          It is said to be a mid-range smartphone with a competitive price.

          Check out this benchmark/preview:

          Also coming after the Zero will be the Two, a high-range smartphone.
          I'll definitely keep an eye or two on this company.

          PS: I'm not associated in any way with this company. It just shocked me that a fully free phone existed. I would like to see PTS running on these phones


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            Originally posted by liam View Post
            How would KDE pay them? Novell's been absorbed and who knows how that will end up in the long run so that really just leaves RH and they are committed to Gnome.
            The vast majority of KDE is volunteer-written, and that's much more software than Qt. I think that there is exactly one developer paid to work on KDE full-time, and that's it. This is very different from GNOME, which is more corporate-driven.

            The fact remains that Trolltech did a good job on Qt, and that it will be hard to compensate for the loss if Nokia decides to reduce funding.

            But people are overreacting here -- Qt was a profitable product long before Nokia thought of smartphones. Trolltech is not losing money. There is no reason whatsoever to kill Qt.


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              Originally posted by pingufunkybeat View Post
              But people are overreacting here -- Qt was a profitable product long before Nokia thought of smartphones. Trolltech is not losing money. There is no reason whatsoever to kill Qt.
              I am afraid that is not true.
              I looked at the figures long before Trolltech was acquired by Nokia and they weren't that great. They were constantly losing money.

              In general this whole thing is quite bad imo. I know what sunk costs are but do they know what lost trust is?
              Telling stuff like "our future is with Qt" in the open and then turing 180 degrees is not a way to build up trust with 3rd party devs.


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                Originally posted by W3ird_N3rd View Post
                Meego, maybe, but they could have perfectly sold Maemo. In any case, there are plenty of apps for Maemo - it's basicly Debian. An N900 runs Quake 3 ffs, why would you complain about lack of apps?
                Excellent point indeed...
                Not like they lacked the know-how and brainiacs; failed execution maybe?
                Taken from there
                Nokia argues that the reason it decided to develop MeeGo with Intel was to offer an alternative to its customers, although it tried this with Maemo and, after producing one device, the platform was abandoned.
                That's it? No explanation?

                Blog post from a Linux dev
                There's a link to an article about the transition from Maemo to MeeGo but not much beyond this.

                Side note, I liked this obituary.


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                  Originally posted by RealNC View Post
                  I can smell KDE taking care of Qt by forking it if Nokia throws it away.
                  The rumblings I have been hearing are that Opera might be looking to grab Qt.


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                    Originally posted by Thatguy View Post
                    its such a loser platform and company

                    it runs 80+% of clients

                    about 50% of servers " if you include virtualiation" likely 20-35% without.depends on who you ask.

                    It is all over the place on embeeded devices like scan tools.

                    They have a phone OS

                    The have Xbox.

                    I think the losers are the people bitching and whining.
                    we are not talking about every area they have business. so, being a msft fanboy wont magically make windowsmobilecellphone7 the top phone platform. Right now is at the bottom of the pile with -20% and losing. So for nokia to tie them up like that to a sinking rock is not going to make them float.


                    • No point in killing Qt ofc but less use of Qt will mean less development is put into Qt which will harm Qt programs and KDE SC in the end

                      Hope Nokia die quickly so Qt has to be sold off to someone who appreciates it more