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  • Blu-Ray on Linux

    Does anyone know the current state of Blu-Ray playback on Linux? The last I saw there was some program that could read the disk send the video stream to a URL, and I recently found libbluray. I've read mentionings about using a hacked firmware for the optical drive and some disks not working until a new key is found. I don't know what of that would still apply or what the software support for libbluray is. I'm hoping someone who follows the issue will be kind enough to inform me.

    I'd like to be able to install a BD-ROM drive (or burner), put a disc in, hit the play button on my media player and have access to menus and special features, but as long as I can get at least a movie out, it's good enough for now. I don't have disk space for blu-ray rips and I don't want to set up a network stream for every movie I watch.

    If it helps, I run kubuntu (used to run Gentoo) and my preferred media players are kaffeine and mplayer/smplayer. The KDE4 version of kaffeine seems lacking in features/options, and I'm open to better players.

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    XBMC plugin: (don't forget to check the last pages)