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Vista Makes Creative Labs Dupe Linux

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      That's the link to where the beta driver will be at some point, but still nothing is available.


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        Michael Larabel


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          Hey guys have you seen the notes at the download page of the driver??

          It proudly sais that the driver will NOT compile with GCC 4 and above!
          Are they making us jokes?? Who uses nowdays GCC 3 anymore??

          The driver which needs GCC 3 to compile must have a source at least 2 years old!!

          If it cannot compile with GCC 4 then it is practically useless!!

          And no hint about EAX there...
          This kind of quality sound driver would have been build within a week from the ALSA devs and would not be even beta phase... I am pretty sure about that!

          And it took them 2 years to build a crap like that... Jesus!


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            Please wait for some tests before saying Creative sucks. Creative sucks because it's closed source, yes, but let's wait for tests of the driver.


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              Creative sucks no matter what this driver has to offer cause they never gave us not even one closed source driver for any of their cards...
              And also not opensourced a word of information about them.

              And now they give out a closed 64 bit driver that cannot compile with GCC 4... You need more than that?

              If I buy an X Fi and upgrade my current Audigy one how am I supposed to hear a note from it?
              Still my Audigy after all those years cannot playback 24bit/96Khz sound under Linux and not to say about EAX effects...they just don't exist.
              I use openSuSE 10.2 32 bit and it is shipped with GCC 4.1! And openSuSE 10.3 has even higher GCC version.

              Should I downgrade to SuSE 9 in order to use it?? I don't think so...


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                Actually the excellent support EMU10K1 and previous AWE and 16-bit cards have is because Creative released their specs (at least part of them, with sample code for the EMU10K1, previously they had a closed source driver for Live! cards too). Why didn't they do it again, is beyond me. I can only think of "too much third party IP" involved in the X-Fi.


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                  Well, you can mucker all you want about GCC 4. Fact of the matter is, Creative is building Linux drivers. We've all assaulted ATi for stupid drivers, but at least they came out with Linux drivers. Recognizing there's a Linux user base is the first step to having improved support. So, GCC 4 vs GCC 3... that nitpicking is something I can gloss over. I do hope Creative releases a 32-bit version too.

                  Should be interesting to see how these drivers perform.


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                    GCC 4 Vs 3 is an issue, unless you plan to build and run the driver in a distro like RHEL 3 or 4, SuSE 9.x and the like, which are based around GCC 3.2 and 3.4. Any recent distro is out of luck (sure, you can install the compat GCC34 and GCC32 packages for distros like Fedora to force use of GCC 3.2 and 3.4, but not many other distros offer such "facilities").


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                      Do someone know what is maximum kernel verson to be able to compile it?
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