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SystemD Has New Shutdown Logic, Gives Everyone CGroups

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    Originally posted by cl333r View Post
    It's (as usually) about trade-offs, more backwards compatibility - more problems having a true new and modern system and there's always be people not agreeing on particular time/design decisions.

    Little new stuff - people will say it doesn't bring enough to the table to justify a new init system.
    Just enough new stuff - people will say it should have had more new features since it's a new init system.
    A lot of new stuff - people will say it's too complicated.

    Tradeoffs that need to be thought thru carefully and kicked implementation should win


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      Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
      LLVM, Galium3D, responsiveness, systemd, E17 in beta 2... 2011 is going to rock! ^^,
      I'd put in Btrfs in that list.

      Now, if only intel showed some more interest in Gallium3D i could be more excited.


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        Originally posted by phoronix View Post
        Phoronix: SystemD Has New Shutdown Logic, Gives Everyone CGroups

        Fedora 14 was set to be the first major distribution shipping SystemD to replace SysVinit, but that ended up getting pushed back to the Fedora 15 release that will now come in May of 2011. Fortunately, for the developers behind Fedora and SystemD, this means the init replacement daemon will be in much better shape for its premiere. Lennart Poettering, the original developer of SystemD, has written about some of the recent improvements...
        There's been discussion on the gnome-shell mailing list about lightdm as a replacement for gdm. I wonder why we even have gdm any longer?
        Does anyone know if it's possible to move the desktop init to systemd (calling scripts which would initialize various components and then exiting rather than having gdm running the entire damn time)? From following Lennart's work it seems as though it would be a great alternative and without the additional overhead of a separate dm.


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          Syetemd can be quite tricky to get right!

          Here's a gotcha I ran into trying to set a script to run at halt, init 0 etc...