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The ~200 Line Linux Kernel Patch That Does Wonders

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  • crickey is the cameraman dancing or what - how irritating


    • I forgot to link the announce of Poetting of this new systemd feature:



      • Well this has been backported to 2.6.36 and 2.6.35 and is being added to gentoo sources right now (as well as prepared for 2.6.37 sources when that is released)


        • Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
          So for example if the user maximises a window, then the maximised window app gets more priority. That sort of thing.
          Ok, thats the old focus-driven priority adjustment with a twist. It is known not to work well when you run programs in terminals. I thought windows got a wholy new shiny console environment but I guess its not meant for everyday use.

          Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
          Watch the Vista kernel dev interview on channel9. Windows 7 is actualy Windows Vista but the UI gets some slice of what the user is doing trick, combined with optimizations of the UI app itself.
          It wants silverlight. Do I have to install moonlight or windows to see it?

          Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
          Don't forget that Windows tightly integrates the UI with the kernel, where on Linux it is just an afterthought with, that currently happens to have its Gallium3D driver framework partialy into the Linux kernel now, but there is no kernelspace<->userspace management voodoo going on
          I dont think gallium can be compared to windows UI kernel integration. Gallium is a clean generic device driver API usefull for a lot of things.
          In general I think process grouping is way much cleaner solution than windows-like UI voodoo. As a developer I love the neatness of it.


          • Hi,

            I wasn;t really happy installing the patched kernel from debian (who knows what would break in ubuntu) I decided to patch the stable maverick kernel (2.6.35-22.35) with the infamous patches.

            I've just booted into the fresh patched kernel and no kernel panic so far

            I'm too lazy to put up a PPA for y'all (besides I dont plan to maintain this anyway), BUT that doesn't keep me from putting the debs online for download.

            so, for all you Ubuntanistas out there, download your fresh autogroups patched kernel here:
            (sorry only 64bit)

            you need at least the linux-image package, and also the linux-headers if you have DKMS managed drivers. Good luck and (hopefully) enjoy


            • Your server going down in ten, nine, eight ...


              • Welcome back, Linux! Prior to this patch, on 2.6.36 a simple rsync of some multi-gigabyte files over a 6-disk raid on a core i7 with 12GB ram would take the desktop down. Audio stutters, compiz windows fading out due to delays, and unable to start a tomcat server in eclipse due to the default 45 second startup timeout.

                Post patch on 2.6.37 results doing the same rsync as before, compiling the kernel with a -j30, playing audio, and launching tomcat from eclipse and no stutters or nasty delays!!!! The load hit about 40, and the system kept running without any extreme delays!

                Those wondering if the patch helps with the io issues, I'd have to say yes. The only kernel change I did from the 2.6.36 was to enable the automatic process group scheduling. You could see the throughput go up and down during the rsync. This sure beats having to worry about ionice and bandwidth limiting the rsync process just to avoid desktop issues.

                Thanks for the simple yet extremely helpful patch.


                • FYI: this patch has already been incorporated into openSUSE's Head kernel repo:

                  Done. In kernel:HEAD repo, only for -desktop flavour.


                  • Haha Windows and a shiny console environmnt :rollryes:

                    I saw it on XP at my school years ago. Maybe check YouTube?

                    Also I might have wrongly interpreted the scheduling voodoo as my knowledge was extremely limited compared to what I know now. What I know now is even limited

                    I can't search for the video on youtube for you because I on my mobile phone right now.


                    • Originally posted by zicada View Post
                      This patch doesn't apply to IO loads at all, only CPU. It is currently being discussed to add a similar patch to the kernel for automatically using cgroups for IO loads as well.

                      What's important to realize is that it was possible to do what this patch does for quite a while using cgroups. The issue has been that no distros really have made any use of it.

                      did you even re-compile your kernel ?

                      when enabling the autogroup option and cgroups for CFQ - which you're asked for the responsibility "feels" much better

                      also: my apps seem to close and open noticably faster - it might be only 1-2 seconds less but it's noticable in my everyday workflow