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PerfKit: A Nicer Way To Look At Valgrind, FTrace, Etc

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  • PerfKit: A Nicer Way To Look At Valgrind, FTrace, Etc

    Phoronix: PerfKit: A Nicer Way To Look At Valgrind, FTrace, Etc

    Christian Hergert has announced the PerfKit tool (or as he calls it, a "toy") during the Linux Plumbers Conference taking place this week in Cambridge. PerfKit provides a GTK user-interface and the ability to provide plug-ins that hook into the various developer utilities like Valgrind (memory profiling/debugging), FTrace (trace system calls), Perf, and other areas. Thereby with PerfKit you don't need to worry about the individual utilities and it's all presented from a nice user-interface. It's like a Phoronix Test Suite for developer tools...

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    About time someone did an app like this for Linux.


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      The features shown in that video don't look that useful to me, especially compared to profiling tools like KCacheGrind.

      Though I might give it a try as I tend to mostly use valgrind tools simply because I don't remember all the commands for the others and am lazy.


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        A much more usefull one, Massif, have just been released.

        But I would liek to see KCacheGrind, Massif, Sysprof, DTrace and "live" GDB frontend in a single application. Swtiching from apps to apps work, but switching from view to view in a single application would be better. I know it's not the Unix way of working, but, this time, a Single fat GUI would help.


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          I may have to give this a shot in the near future. I have some performance profiling to do against the VP8 decoder, and since I'm fairly new to Valgrind/cachegrind, a pretty GUI might make my life easier.