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Microsoft Granted A Patent For GPU Video Encoding

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    Originally posted by curaga View Post
    Was this article pulled?
    I'm thinking so. The link in my RSS feed is broken, the first post in the topic has a broken link that redirects to the front page, and I can't find it on the front page either.


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      Originally posted by marek View Post
      This patent bullshit is not a surprise to me. What else would you all expect from the country where about 80% of all wealth is owned by a few?
      Throughout history, on average around 80% of the wealth has been in the hands of about 20% of the people. Which is hardly surprising, since the top 20% of the population by income should be expected to save a lot more than those who live from paycheck to paycheck. One of the best ways to make your country poor is to steal that wealth and give it to the poor so that the most productive no longer have any incentive to do anything useful.

      However, that assumes that the 20% are wealthy becasue they're productive and not because of government regulations that keep competitors out of their markets. I agree that patents are completely broken, at least in the software realm.