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An Update On The SystemD System & Session Manager

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    Originally posted by Delgarde View Post
    Besides, this kind of dispute is silly. Lennart and co have written a new init daemon, which Fedora and SuSe are adopting. That's nice, but why should Ubuntu immediately ditch the system they built, and move to the shiny new one? Remember, systemd is *very* new, less than a year old, and there's really no good reason for Ubuntu to adopt it just now.
    Did you notice even Debian had packages for it? Why then not Ubuntu? Is there any other possible reason than that Ubuntu packagers don't want Ubuntu users to try it out?


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      Lost chance to remove distro-specific differences

      A new init system is a great opportunity for distros to eliminate the minor (yet damaging) differences, such that a service written for one distro is 100% compatible in another distro. A single code base also has the advantage of heavy testing and extermination of bugs.

      By including special code for non-standard stuff like "SUSE extensions", systemd is just putting a bandaid on the problem instead of fixing it. And that's a shame.


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        This is a hobby project of Lennart and it's not tied to Red Hat. Lennart has said to be happy to cooperate with any large distro, including Ubuntu, so... Draw your own conclusions here...