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The Future of Reiser4 on Linux

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  • The Future of Reiser4 on Linux

    Phoronix News: The Future of Reiser4 on Linux

    Since Hans Reiser was accused of murdering his wife, the future of Reiser4 has really been up in the air. However, coming out of Kernel Trap this afternoon is some additional information on Reiser4's future. This article comes after a discussion on the Linux Kernel Mailing List as to whether Reiser4 will be introduced into the Linux 2.6 kernel anytime in the near future. While Reiser4 is in disarray, the EXT4 file-system is actively being worked on...

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    Nice to hear that there is still interest and activity on reiser4 from the developers. I have quite successfully used reiser4 from about kernel 2.6.16 to 2.6.19 as my root partition no less and only recently switched to ext4dev for 2.6.20. However, I continue to follow it with great interest and still at least maintain a non critical reiser4 partition for additional testing. There has also been a very informative discussion on the gentoo forums about reiser4 along with some benchmarks, technical comparisons and as well as discussion about some of it's lesser known features such as cryptocompress.